These experiences are from people who have lived through natural disasters.  They are thankful that they are alive and have new views about disaster preparedness.  Some memories are difficult to share and I thank them for contributing to my website to help encourage others to prepare to save lives and property. 

Hurricane Katrina,
Slidell, LA
Paige's Story...
EF-3 Tornado, Suffolk, VA
Sandy's Story...

There’s a joke among gulf coast residence, particularly Louisiana natives. It’s called a hurricane party. These are thrown when the government shuts down school, work, and everything else in lieu of a major storm system on its way to town. Everyone gathers together, drinks, and grills. If the lights go out you sit around with candles, flashlights, and hand-cranked radios to keep up with what’s really going on in the world and exactly which neighborhoods are flooding. The idea is mocking the seriousness that some storms bring...

Q:  Did you prepare for natural disasters before the tornado?

A:  Other than very basic hurricane items, no.


Q:  After surviving an EF-3 tornado, do you prepare now?  

A:  We take emergency preparedness much more seriously, as well as indicators of potentially dangerous situations (not just weather)...  




Have you been through a natural disaster? 

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