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Cheryl is the go-to expert to educate your audience, elevate your brand, and enhance your video

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FEMA - NDPTC Certified Instructor
NOAA Weather Ready Nation

CHERYL NELSON is the visionary behind Prepare with Cher, LLC, where expertise in natural disaster and travel preparedness takes center stage. Cheryl serves as a dynamic professional offering a unique blend of services designed to elevate your company, brand, or TV network. As the founder and CEO, Cheryl brings a wealth of expertise as a TV host, broadcast meteorologist, and a natural disaster & travel preparedness expert.


Going beyond the confines of traditional roles, Cheryl also excels as a captivating spokesperson and public speaker, adding a layer of charisma to your content and ensuring it resonates with your audience. A certified FEMA instructor and dedicated preparedness expert, Cheryl provides invaluable insights to audiences nationwide.


With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a genuine passion for community safety, Cheryl Nelson emerges as your go-to partner for expert advice and compelling presentations. At Prepare with Cher, experience the convergence of expertise and empowerment—where Cheryl's wealth of knowledge transforms into a catalyst for resilience and preparedness.


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Cheryl offers a diverse and dynamic range of on-camera services, showcasing her versatility as a seasoned Host for a variety of formats, including TV shows, commercials, documentaries and news segments. As a Freelance Broadcast Meteorologist holding the esteemed CBM certification, Cheryl brings an authoritative presence to weather reporting. Recognized as a Natural Disaster and Travel Preparedness Expert, Cheryl imparts valuable insights to help audiences navigate unforeseen challenges. Cheryl is a recognized go-to expert for TV contributor interviews, showcasing her authority and versatility in providing insightful and engaging contributions to various television programs. Cheryl's engaging on-camera presence also makes her a sought-after talent for Satellite Media Tours, ensuring compelling and informative broadcasts.



Cheryl excels as a dedicated spokesperson, offering comprehensive services that elevate your company, brand, or product. As a seasoned Spokesperson, Cheryl brings credibility and charisma to your message. Her expertise extends to Trade Show Presentations and impactful Personal Appearances, providing a compelling and informative presence. Cheryl's role as a Client Consultant ensures tailored strategies to enhance your brand's image. In the realm of weather and travel preparedness, she serves as a valuable Company Weather & Preparedness Advisor, offering insights to navigate various challenges. Leveraging the power of Social Media Marketing, Cheryl amplifies your message to a broader audience, while her proficiency in Satellite Media Tours ensures widespread and engaging media exposure. With Cheryl as your spokesperson, your brand is not just represented but elevated to new heights.

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Cheryl offers an array of impactful public speaking services, ranging from being a dynamic Keynote Speaker and Presenter for conferences, workplaces, and special events to serving as a knowledgeable & certified FEMA Instructor. As a seasoned contributor to well-known publications, Cheryl brings a wealth of insights to diverse audiences. Her versatile skills extend to being an engaging Event Emcee, ensuring a memorable and smoothly conducted occasion. Additionally, Cheryl serves as a Wedding Officiant and Ordained Minister, adding a personal touch to special celebrations.

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