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CHERYL NELSON is the visionary behind Prepare with Cher, LLC, where expertise in natural disaster and travel preparedness takes center stage. Cheryl serves as a dynamic professional offering a unique blend of services designed to elevate your company, brand, or TV network. As the founder and CEO, Cheryl brings a wealth of expertise as a TV host, broadcast meteorologist, and seasoned public speaker.


Going beyond the confines of traditional roles, Cheryl also excels as a captivating spokesperson and public speaker, adding a layer of charisma to your content and ensuring it resonates with your audience. A certified FEMA instructor and dedicated preparedness expert, Cheryl provides invaluable insights to audiences nationwide.


With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a genuine passion for community safety, Cheryl Nelson emerges as your go-to partner for expert advice and compelling presentations. At Prepare with Cher, experience the convergence of expertise and empowerment—where Cheryl's wealth of knowledge transforms into a catalyst for resilience and preparedness.

Cheryl has been featured on-camera on NBC's TODAY ShowFox News/Fox Weather, BBC World News, The Real, KTLA-TV Los Angeles, The Weather Channel and more.  Cheryl recently completed a freelance stint as a broadcast meteorologist at Fox 5 WNYW-TV New York City, working the 12PM and 6PM newscasts.  Presently, Cheryl serves as the TV HOST for the national YurView Network lifestyle show, 'Main St Living,' as well as 'Aspire to Retire' on the NBC & Fox affiliates in Richmond, VA.  Cheryl also produces and hosts nationally televised documentary series and satellite media tours that are seen by millions of people nationwide.  On print, Cheryl shares preparedness tips with and contributes to publications such as HuffPost, Travel+Leisure and Martha Stewart.

As a certified BROADCAST METEOROLOGIST and distinguished NATURAL DISASTER PREPAREDNESS EXPERT, Cheryl holds the prestigious CBM certification from the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and is a recognized FEMA-certified instructor for the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC). Cheryl takes the stage on TV networks, and at global events, conferences, and classrooms, showcasing her expertise in meteorology and disaster preparedness. She holds the esteemed title of NOAA Weather Ready Nation Ambassador and, in 2020, chaired the American Meteorological Society Broadcast Board. Cheryl is not only a dynamic keynote speaker at international events and conferences but also a recipient of media grants from prominent institutions such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ), and The Water Desk at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Driven by an authentic passion for exploration, Cheryl has ventured across over 40 countries and proudly checked off all 50 U.S. states. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she immerses herself in diverse cultures, citing Iceland, Japan, South Africa, and New Zealand as the most memorable stops on her journey.  As a seasoned TRAVEL PREPAREDNESS EXPERT, Cheryl shares a wealth of travel hacks and packing tips, ensuring that individuals are well-prepared for their next adventure. Committed to sustainable and green travel, Prepare with Cher, LLC proudly partners with Virginia Green. Cheryl's diverse expertise extends to health and wellness, holding a CNPR Certification in Pharmaceutical Sales/Pharmacology from the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives (NAPRx).


In response to the stress and challenges of the present world, Cheryl offers preparedness tips for every scenario. As a spokesperson and Certified Lifestyle Expert recognized by the IAP Career College, Cheryl's notable leadership, presentation, and organizational skills equip her to provide insightful advice for a wide range of live events and potential emergencies.

Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology with an emphasis in Communications from Penn State University.

Personally, Cheryl finds joy in cheering on a thrilling Penn State college football game and indulges in her passion for photography, pilates/yoga, and exploring diverse cultures through travel. As a gluten-free vegan, she savors the flavors of various ethnic cuisines. Cheryl is also an avid animal lover, particularly dedicated to her four rescue cats.


  • Bachelor of Science in Meteorology w/ speciality in Communications  (Penn State University)

  • Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (American Meteorological Society)

  • Certified Lifestyle Expert (IAP Career College)

  • Natural Disaster Preparedness Certified Instructor (FEMA - NDPTC)

  • CNPR Certification in Pharmacology/Pharmaceutical Sales (NAPRx)

  • Adult & Child CPR/AED/First Aid Certified (American Red Cross)

  • Pet CPR/First Aid Certified (Pet Tech)

  • Certification in Photography (New York Institute of Photography (NYIP)

  • Virginia Green, Official Green Tourism Supporting Partner

Penn State Alumni

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