As a Broadcast Meteorologist/TV Host, FEMA-certified Natural Disaster Preparedness Instructor/Expert and Climate Correspondent, it is Cheryl's passion to raise awareness about severe weather awareness and natural disaster preparedness. An Ambassador with NOAA's Weather Ready Nation, and trained by the American Red Cross and Pet Tech in adult/child and pet CPR & first aid, Cheryl promotes family and pet preparedness through education, speaking engagements, social media and TV programs nationwide.  How may Prepare with Cher help you prepare for the next natural disaster?




As a scientist, Cheryl understands the force of Mother Nature and she wants Americans to be prepared to ultimately help save lives. The United States is no stranger to disasters and after recent devastating hurricanes, floods and wildfires, natural disasters have been put back in the spotlight, courtesy of climate change.  The U.S. can experience natural disasters of all kinds: hurricanes, floods, droughts, nor’easters, winter storms, wildfires, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, heat waves and even tsunamis! Many disasters can also lead to 'public health disasters' and the spread of infectious disease.


Despite that, most Americans have not experienced a Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Katrina - the top two costliest natural disasters in U.S. history.  Hurricane Katrina was also the deadliest disaster where 1,836 human lives and countless pets were lost.  Despite this, many people still don't think a natural disaster of this magnitude will occur in their hometowns and they feel a false sense of security.  In fact, according to a recent report by the American Red Cross, "54 percent of Americans don't prepare because they believe a disaster will not affect them."  This is not only an issue in the U.S., but all across the globe!  As the global climate changes, extreme weather events are becoming more common.  Cheryl believes that we have to come together as a society to make our planet more resilient. She is working to educate people about their disaster risks, encourage them to build a preparedness kit and to have a family-communicated disaster plan. It is not a matter of IF another serious natural disaster will is a matter of WHEN.


Do you have a false sense of security...? 


FACT:  it is only a matter of time before the next natural disaster strikes. 

It could be next week, next year or even 10+ years from now…

No matter where you live, no one is immune from natural disasters.

This is why you need to prepare NOW.


Do you have a disaster plan for you, your family and your pets? 

How about a disaster supply kit?





…winter Storm? Don't wait.  Start preparing NOW.


Take this brief assessment to test your knowledge...

1.  Do you have emergency supplies? Do you know what supplies you need?

2.  Does your family have a crisis communication plan?

3.  Does your business have a crisis communication plan?

4.  Will you shelter in place or will you evacuate?

5.  Do you know the evacuation routes in your area?  If you evacuate, where will you go?

6.  Do you have a plan for your children, pets and family members with special needs?

7.  Are you familiar with your insurance plan?  Do you have flood insurance?


If you are struggling to answer the questions above, browse this website to learn more.




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