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A Must-Have At Home Or On The Go {WGN-TV, Chicago}

Enure your loved ones are prepared for unexpected power outages, and are ready to power up their electronics while camping or tailgating with a #Jackery solar generator. This is the Jackery 3000 Pro - one of Jackery’s top-rated, fan favorite solar generators!

Jackery solar generators are a reliable, cleaner source of backup power, feature industry-leading safety standards, can withstand harsh temperatures... and are nearly SILENT when compared to gas generators!

The Jackery 3000 Pro and 2000 Plus solar generators are safe and easy to use, and they come with Jackery’s top-rated solar panels for fast charging. 

When you’re using solar, you have unlimited free energy without having to rely on the power grid! 

. . . 

Cheryl Nelson with a Jackery Solar Generator

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