• Cheryl Nelson

Amusing Air Travel Tips for a More Enjoyable Flight

* Weigh & measure luggage ahead of time & and make sure your carry-on isn't too heavy to lift into the overhead bin.

* Use the restroom before boarding to limit encounters with the

on-board glorified porta-potty.

* Bring snacks with you - airport prices are inflated.

* Pack meds, jewelry, valuables, extra clothes, underwear, deodorant and necessary

<3.4 oz. toiletries in your carry-on (plan for cancellations).

* If you're a germaphobe like me, sanitizing wipes provide peace of mind.

* Bring a small blanket & neck pillow for added comfort.

* If you know you have stinky feet, please leave your shoes on. 

* Avoid embarrassing moments. Probiotics can help with flatulence.

Remember, a plane cabin's air is recycled...

* If you're sick, don't fly. If you must fly, please wear a mask: no one

wants your germs and people will most likely not talk to you.

* You can never have too many tissues or mints - keep them in your bag.

* Head phones and ear plugs are good for two reasons: for relaxing

 and to avoid conversation.

* Leave your window shade open and take in nature's beauty.

* Pack a portable cell phone charger. Phone batteries seem to drain

faster when traveling...

- Cheryl Nelson

Travel Preparedness Specialist


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