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  • Chelsey Roney

How to Plan a Stress-Free Family Vacation Using Proxi (GUEST BLOG)

Travel is at an all-time high and so are the apps, tools and technologies to support making trips fun, smooth and memorable.

Proxi is a great example of one of these tools. Named one of “the most useful tools of 2022,” Proxi is a free mapping tool that helps you plan, collaborate and personalize your travel, mapping out must-see sights, places to eat, shopping destinations, events and more.

One of the biggest differentiators with Proxi, versus the old way with Google Maps, is collaboration and getting input is easy for all! Friends, family and colleagues can share their favorite spots and activities too - right within your map!

Ready to get started? Creating a Proxi map is simple!

  • Start a new map or begin with a template.

  • Add a point to your map even if you don’t know the address. Start typing in the name of a restaurant, museum or any point of interest and Proxi will suggest the address.

  • Optional: add notes, images, icons or links to any point on your map.

  • Give your map a custom URL.

Don’t forget to add your own flair! Choose cute icons and colors that match your vacation vibe or favorite color. Proxi is the “Canva of maps!”

You can also make reservations for the restaurants you’ve been eyeing right in your map through OpenTable integration.

And sharing your map with other travelers or friends is as simple as sending a link or QR code.

So if you’re planning a trip and want to take the stress out of travel planning, give Proxi a try. It’s the perfect tool to help you make the most of your vacation and create lasting memories with friends and family. With Proxi, you can easily collaborate with others, access a variety of unique features not available on other mapping sites and tools like Google Maps, get real-time map updates and make your travel experience one you’ll never forget!

That’s it! Visit to make your free, interactive map today!

About the founders:

Melinda Haughey and Chelsey are mompreneurs and TechStars. Originally from Texas, the college friends made their way to Seattle, separately, but reunited to form Proxi after Melinda crowdsourced a trick-or-treating map in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic and it went viral.

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