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Illness Redemption World Trip: Stop #10 - THE LONG JOURNEY HOME

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

What an unforgettable 3-week whirlwind around the world! 6 new countries, 2 new continents and various planes, trains, ships/boats and automobiles! I am beyond grateful to be alive and healthy enough again to take this trip. The memories and photos will last a lifetime.

We drove back from Kruger National Park to Johannesburg for our early evening Delta Airlines flight out of JNB. It was a pretty day to take in the scenery...and check out some more interesting signs. ;)

Welcome to Johannesburg's O.R. Tambo International Airport.

We were on a Delta A-350 for roughly 20 hours. 2 hours from JNB to CPT (but unfortunately South Africa rules would not let passengers continuing on to ATL off the plane during the 2-hour layover in Cape Town). So haha, this is all we saw of Cape Town.

We got to witness the airplane cleaning process too. Since I had nothing better to do while on the plane on the ground at CPT, I decided to do some yoga. ;)

Once all the passengers from Cape Town joined us, we took off and began our 16.5 hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean to North America.

A beautiful sunrise greeted us as we began our descent into ATL.

After clearing U.S. immigration in ATL and a short layover, we boarded the plane for ORF. It was so nice to see Norfolk, Virginia again. :)

Upon landing in Norfolk, I received this text message photo from our pet-sitter. So excited to see our fur-babies! We certainly missed them.

And that is a wrap!

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