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My wire closet racks collapsed and it was Closet Factory to the rescue!

When my wire closet racks collapsed from the weight of my clothes, shoes and storage, I knew that I should have been prepared for this...

I should have known better because I had the same thing happen to me in two other closets in former rental properties. I had been thinking about calling Closet Factory for a long time because I knew that the weight of my clothes was putting too much stress on the wire closet racks…but we’re all busy and life just got in the way.

Because my organized life was now in chaos, I called Closet Factory immediately. Designer, Tina Ormsby from Closet Factory Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads came to my house the very next day to assess the situation. Tina was so nice and she wasn’t scared off by the mess on the floor of my closet. I told her exactly what I wanted and she was confident that her design would meet and even exceed my needs.

I'll admit that I have a lot of clothes, shoes and accessories (belts, scarfs, purses and storage) in my closet. To accommodate my storage, Tina designed a shelf that went all around the top of the closet walls. Tina replaced my clunky hope chest with deep drawers and more shelving for my sweaters, sweatshirts and gym wear. Tina also picked up on my home’s beachy theme and added arctic (a combination of neutral colors) backing to my shoe shelves and to the front of my drawers, for a pop of color against the white shelving.

Once the installation was complete and I “moved back in" to my closet, my life was organized once again. Getting a custom closet from Closet Factory was one of the best things I could do for both my house and myself. My new closet is beautiful and I actually have some extra space for more clothes and shoes! I should have done this a long time ago.

Some of the benefits my new closet provides:

  • I am now able to easily choose what to wear for the day because I can see all of my clothing, shoes and accessories in one place.

  • I found a new way to store my sweaters and sweatshirts without having to search through a hope chest.

  • I can easily change the look of my closet's style at any time with movable shelves and closet rods.

  • A customized slat wall makes it easy to find the purse for which I am looking.

  • Two belt racks simplify my search in finding the belt I need.

  • A storage area on top of the closet walls exceeded my needs.

My closet is customized to my needs and I am beyond pleased! It’s a whole new closet - I have so much more space! I can find my belts, my purses, my scarfs… everything is so neat and organized. My closet is my happy place now. My cats and I actually enjoy sitting on the floor and just hanging out in my new “closet oasis."

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