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Illness Redemption World Trip: Stop #3 - BINTAN ISLAND, INDONESIA

I would love to see more of Indonesia - it is a tropical paradise! Since I'm a planner (hence, #PrepareWithCher), I learned that we would need Visas to enter Indonesia. We paid for our E-Visa's online in advance which made entering the country seamless. We took the 1-hr Bintan Island Ferry from Singapore to Bintan Island, Indonesia and met our tour guide, Chris at the ferry terminal.

Chris drove us a few miles to the Bintan Mangroves for our boat tour. It was scenic!

We were told that we might see monkeys in the trees so I was on the lookout! But unfortunately for us... no monkeys on this tour...but there were some interesting fish, and snakes sleeping in the trees! (It was only a little creepy when our boat stopped right under the snakes for a photo). ;)

After the mangrove tour, Chris took us to a beautiful beach and arranged for us to eat a vegan feast at a local restaurant in Lagoi Bay!

(Side note: I noticed that the public bathrooms don't have toilet paper dispensers in the stalls. They had one dispenser by the sink for both toilet and hand-drying use, I suppose).

After lunch we had just enough time for an Indonesian massage before we had to go back to the ferry terminal. Our tour guide asked us (YES please!) and made arrangements immediately. He drove us to a small boutique where we walked through it and out a back door into the massage area. The room was beautiful and massage therapist top-notch.

Trust me, after all of this, Chris got a good tip. ;)

Chris also said that Bali, Indonesia is amazing. I've since added Bali to my bucket-list!

It's now time to take the ferry back to Singapore and continue our journey. Next up - we're boarding a cruise ship!

*** NOTE: You won't see any photos of my family because I am respecting their privacy. ***

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